Invisible fields, a frontier in science

As the field of quantum physics develops it will continue to open up applications in science and medicine. Over 60 years ago Albert Einstein said that… “The field is the governing agency of the particle”. This was obvious to Einstein then but for the most part main steam science is still stuck in the classic Newtonian physics paradigm that says that biological systems are localised within distinct parts of the human body.

Modern medicine now almost entirely exists in a biochemical model of diagnosis of symptoms, investigations, laboratory tests, X-rays, MRI’s and treatment by pharmaceuticals and surgery to treat disease.

While medicine has made great advances under this paradigm, we are on the frontier of a whole new field of medicine. Magnetic therapy is one such filed. Magnetic field gradients are used in MRI’s to produce images within the body. Now magnetic field gradients are being used to treat pain with remarkable results.

It’s now up to science and research to validate these outcomes and provide greater certainty and reliability to the millions of pain sufferers in the world.


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